How much wealth can you tolerate?

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Does that sound like a surprising question? It isn’t. Our idea about wealth is intimately tied up with our idea of ourselves. Each of us carries a definite idea of how capable we are, how high we can aim and how much we can accomplish. This is a complex programming that we usually create in childhood, when we are just forming our identity. What is amazing is that our idea of ourselves is usually determined by a few random incidents in our life, maybe some parental influence and societal conditioning and other such arbitrary factors. However, over the years, we allow our life choices to be increasingly determined by this unconscious programming, until it filters down and settles in our bio-memory by the time we are grown and ready to take on the world. Believe it or not, this bunch of illogical childhood decisions is what controls our actions for the rest of our lives – including our idea of how much wealth, success or happiness we can actually tolerate! It is as if we have a secret comfort zone, beyond which we dare not step out, because we don’t feel sure we can handle that much wealth or success. After all, for most people, wealth is a huge responsibility – creating it, maintaining it, even spending it. When we don’t feel confident that we can handle it, we start making unconscious decisions that will draw us back into poverty. Unfortunately, we are rarely aware that we are impairing our own chances, and start feeling that we have been handed a raw deal. The first step to improving your wealth tolerance is finding out where your problem really lies. If you find that you are usually on a wealth roller-coaster, where you almost get to the point of finally becoming wealthy, but something always goes wrong at the last minute – it’s time you seriously examined your wealth tolerance levels! Just ask yourself these few simple questions – and be sure to answer them honestly! Am I really comfortable with wealth? Do I feel the need to be in control of my assets always? How much wealth can I honestly tolerate? Can I really let go and allow myself to get wealthy? If your answer to the last question is Yes, start working on that answer. Go ahead and make a conscious decision to stop sabotaging your own efforts at getting wealthy! If a few unconscious childhood decisions can have such power over you, imagine the power of your conscious resolution! With one conscious resolution, you can break free of the poverty cycle and be on your way to healthy abundance.