Wealth and pain – break the connection

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Wealth - what a strange word! The moment it is uttered, it throws up a whole volley of emotions and memories in us. If you don’t have it – the greed to attain it; if you have it – the fear of losing it; if you are somewhere in between – the worry about how to get there..! The very word creates so much pain in everybody. The moment you think of wealth, too many fantasies, too many failures and too many broken dreams, too much pain and suffering is awakened in you. We hardly realize how intimate our connection with wealth is. In fact, we are rarely able to separate wealth from ourselves. In truth, money is just a fuel to run our life, just a utility, no more than that. But we get so attached to the fuel that we trade our life to keep the fuel! People react in two ways to this strange power of money – both wrong. One kind runs after money, hoping that money will fulfil them. The other runs far away from money to save themselves. But whether you run towards money or away from it, money is till the center of your life. Both these kinds of people don’t realize that it is not money which is creating trouble – it is our attitude to it. Money is a faithful servant, but an intolerable master. If you make money your master, it will only bring you pain. Enjoy money with the complete awareness that it is only a utility in your life, then money can never create pain for you. How to break the wealth and pain connection? You are carrying all your past failures and your future desires about money as one long mental shaft in your life. Simply unclutch from this shaft! Create such a vast space inside yourself that money becomes just one of the happenings in your life, not your life itself. Meditation can help you do that. Meditation can help you put your whole life in perspective. There is no need to unclutch from money. Just unclutch from all money problems, money worries, money stress. Usually we unclutch from money and cling to all the money stress and money worries! Once you break the wealth and pain connection, you can invite abundance in to your life with ease.