Wealth is a dimension of you!

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What a narrow understanding we have about wealth! Wealth is not just an object, a thing to be achieved. Wealth is an extension of you. Anything that adds to you is wealth! The quality of health you enjoy, the state of your relationships, the fulfillment you experience in your career, your mental state, your sense of inner fulfilment – all these are measures of the success with which you have created wealth in your life. When there is a beautiful coherence in all these dimensions of your life, material wealth follows naturally. In the same way, the success with which you create and sustain wealth is a measure of the success with which you are managing your life. Life management is wealth management. Wealth is your personality. If you are fully alive, you would be naturally creating and enjoying wealth. If you are not wealthy, it means that some part of you is still struggling for complete expression. In Sanskrit, the goddess who presides over wealth is called ‘Lakshmi’. The word ‘Lakshmi’ has a deeper meaning – it means ‘intensified goal’. Lakshmi is the quality of being intense, total in your pursuit, no matter what the goal. Any goal that is pursued with intensity will naturally bring wealth into your life. Wealth is a natural dimension of you. That is why it is possible to create wealth through meditation. This does not mean that you will learn some secret mantras for materializing wealth! But meditation can clear the unconscious mental-set-up and behavioral patterns that are obstructing the flow of wealth in your life. When the confusions and obstructions in your life are removed, wealth follows naturally.