DO YOU respect a beggar? Do you disrespect a rich man? In today’s world, people are evaluated only on the basis of their possessions and status. A person’s worth in society is decided on the basis of how much he or she owns. Apart from his physical wealth, his power and influence become important. Success in life is related to ownership of assets and the extent of influence.
This course has been designed to cover every aspect of wealth from the most practical to the deepest spiritual. This is no ordinary course. You are about to spend 2 days with possibly the most creative enlightened being on the planet!
Hi-Tech is a 30 day residential program designed to awaken the leadership consciousness within you. Through a series of specialized formulated processes and techniques, Hi-Tech will take you to the next level
What a narrow understanding we have about wealth! Wealth is not just an object, a thing to be achieved. Wealth is an extension of you.
You don’t know the power of simple changes that you can make in your life. Somehow we don’t respect simple changes, because the ego likes challenges, and simple changes are not ego-fulfilling. When we make a change in our life, we want to see results, instantly, certainly and larger than life...
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