Inner Awakening is about not waiting for life to happen to you, it is not about positive thinking, personal growth or just good health. It is about going beyond your normal happiness and pain, and awakening the unknown hidden potential energy in you that creates and bolts a powerful shift in your consciousness, permanently!
IN THE olden days, people in India did not stitch clothes after sunset. This is because all stitching was done by hand with a needle. In the dim candle or kerosene lamp light it w$as not possible to see properly and one could get hurt by poking the fingers with needle. Even now in India, some people will not stitch with a needle after sunset. Even seamstresses and tailors will not do it, though we now have electricity and lights. They may not even stitch using machines!
WE WANT to cling to the idea that we’re somebody. This identity seems to keep us alive. As long as we feel we are a separate entity, a unique individual, we will want to hold on to that distinction. We will want to find a distinct place. We believe that we have an identity. But let us be very clear here. It is here that you will run into resistance. You will be resisting yourself.
WE HAVE perfected the system of give and take. Everything in our life has a simple equation. We want to know what we can get before we begin to do anything. What’s in it for me is a mantra of modern age. The truth is that no institution built by ordinary humans are above this consideration. Every one of us faces it or does it in one form or the other. Even marriage is now entangled in this equation. A modern marriage is simply a business relationship.
WE SHOULD understand one secret: attention is energy. That is why we feel so good when somebody attends to us. When we are attended to; when somebody takes time to attend to us; when somebody serves, we feel so good. We even feel elated.
PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA on Respect food, Don't Waste It! OVER EATING is a modern disease. People think that it is better to eat more vegetarian food. Let us be clear here. Over eating any food is bad. Be it vegetarian or meat. It creates a lot of problems for us. We have never learnt to eat only what we need. We should be firm on eating only what we require and how much we need. Overeating is an expression of greed. We overeat as a substitute to fulfill other unattainable wants.
The eN-Health program was absolutely the most fantastic program experience!! Thank you Swamiji for changing my life. I especially found the jibberish meditation so powerful, I didn't realize how much anger I had inside and how it contributes to my health issues.
Everyone should attend eN-Health Program and get everything you need for mental, spiritual and physical improvement from Swamiji along with powerful meditations and energy darshan. To experience a program with a living incarnation is beyond words and life transforming. The writing assignments helped me see things about myself very differently,
The eN-Health workshop " was excellent so many dimensions to have good health has opened in me. Being a doctor I used to have always fear of genetic and heriditary diseases which we explained to patients in our day to day life." I an recommending this program to all my doctor friends.
eN-Health workshop content had a lot of substance and you can actually experience the dynamics of the course. It was life-changing, very practical and deep as well. I love the teachings and swamijis personality - the way he delivers such intricate matters in such a forthright simple way and such a sense of humor. Swamiji is so dedicated to us to make changes and spent so much time answering questions.
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