Flow with nature and attain bliss

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA Flow with nature and attain bliss WE WANT to cling to the idea that we’re somebody. This identity seems to keep us alive. As long as we feel we are a separate entity, a unique individual, we will want to hold on to that distinction. We will want to find a distinct place. We believe that we have an identity. But let us be very clear here. It is here that you will run into resistance. You will be resisting yourself. This happens all the time. There is no exception to this rule. It will happen wherever we begin to cling to the idea that we are somebody. It can happen at home or office or workplace or office or industry. It is sure to happen. If we disappear into the Collective Consciousness, we will be protected again and again. We will be taken care of. We will attain complete success in all spheres. We will attain success beyond the social and economic spheres. We will experience it as fulfilment. This feeling is inexplicable. The moment we start resisting, we will make a hellish experience out of it. A small story: A man was told that his wife had fallen into the river. He immediately jumps into the water to save her. To the astonishment of onlookers, he starts swimming against the current. One person asked him, ‘Hey, why are you swimming against the current?’ The man replied, ‘You guys don’t know my wife. Even if she falls in the river, she will float against the current. She resists everything so much. I’m sure that she will try to resist the current.’ So long as we resist, as long as we do not disappear into the Collective Consciousness, we will be endlessly creating hell, not only for ourselves, but also for those around us. This is the truth. This truth operates whether it is our workplace or our house or our company or any other place. This same teaching is contained in Taoism, the ancient Chinese philosophy. It is about flowing with nature. Water is the greatest illustration of such natural flow. It just flows about the landline, around obstacles, in a smooth and energetic fashion. Tao talks about the reeds in water that bend with strong water flow and straighten up when the flow is weaker. That can only happen when we do not imagine ourselves to be different from our environment. When we merge with our environment without resisting we are no longer at odds with nature. We no longer feel the heat, the cold, and the other seemingly uncomfortable natural phenomena. Be one with the nature. Merge with it completely. Lose your identity. Then you will gain bliss.