Eyes, the doorways to our mind

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA on eyes, the doorways to our mind LET us scan a day in our life. From the moment we are out of bed to the time we return to it, it’s filled with unreality. Almost everything we do is a sham. Even our smile is phony. In fact, we use our smiles as masks. We sport broad smiles even when our hearts are boiling. When we smile, we don’t want the other person to know what is on our minds. We avoid looking into each other’s eyes. Why? Eyes are the doorways to our mind. We can see a person’s nature mirrored in their eyes. Eyes hide nothing. When we want to hide something from another person, we don’t look into their eyes. We cannot. Our eyes reveal everything. We think that we need to prepare, to hide, even from our experiences. We live with a constant inner chatter. We are always thinking while preparing to talk. We are scared to show the world that our inner chattering is our thinking. Without preparation, we are worried that our inner chattering will spill out. We aren’t open to experiencing whatever comes our way. If we have experienced, then there is no need to prepare. Do you prepare to answer if someone asks your name? Do you need to carry hints? What we have experienced we don’t need to prepare. If something hasn’t become a part of our experience, then we need to prepare. If we need to prepare to deliver a lecture, or we are afraid of public speaking, then it doesn’t come from our inner experience. It simply means that we are not truthful to ourselves. Our life then becomes untruthful as well. Why are we afraid of public speaking? We are afraid that we might speak our thoughts. We fear that we might spell out whatever is happening inside. We know that there is so much negativity inside us. We are scared that something might erupt out or something unpleasant might tumble out. That is why we must prepare whatever we need to speak about. If we don’t, we are afraid that we might start saying something that is really in our mind. We prepare to make sure that we don’t speak anything else. We prepare to hide the truth of our inner chattering. Learn to be spontaneous. Let what happens inside be what is seen outside. That will be the first step to bliss.