Make the right decisions every moment

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What is right decision-making?

Simply, seeing the past as past, future as future and present as present is right decision-making. Wrong decision-making is infusing past into future and future into past. Right decision making means seeing the past as it happened and seeing the future as it is, without projecting your past into the future and making decisions in the present.

You may think that you are in the present . But it is not the truth. Every morning, almost as soon as you wake up, your mind is already at the workplace. When you are at work, you will be thinking of what you need to do when you get home from work. But when you actually get home, you are probably planning your next day at work! You are rarely in the present. Naturally, this affects your decision making.

Each moment in your life is different. When you stay in the present, you can will spontaneously respond to life each moment, and make the right decisions. Honoring the present moment is the first step to making effective decisions. Do not be a worker, executing your past decisions. Be a leader, making decisions every moment.