The Power of Simple Changes

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You don’t know the power of simple changes that you can make in your life. Somehow we don’t respect simple changes, because the ego likes challenges, and simple changes are not ego-fulfilling. When we make a change in our life, we want to see results, instantly, certainly and larger than life. But most of the time, the big changes we visualize can rarely be sustained by our old body-mind system. Unless the body-mind can transform completely to hold the change, our old habits tend to get the better of us, and sooner or later we find ourselves swinging right back to the other end of the spectrum. Small changes are not only gentler on us, but are certainly the more intelligent option. Just examine yourself. There are a few changes that you carry the energy to make right now. There are a few things that you can change immediately. Just express this energy to make that change. It need not even being a ‘doing’ change. Even an intense understanding, an ‘a-ha moment’ can trigger huge changes in your life. In fact, we cannot really change our actions before a genuine cognitive shift happens. It could be as simple as waking up early for a morning run, or changing the way you handle a situation at work. When you are able to make a change in your life, it means that your body and mind have already stepped up to bring about the transformation. When you start consciously changing your mental setup, the non-mechanical parts of your brain will be awakened. That means that your attitude, your decision to change, will have a kind of ripple effect inside your system. The more open you are to small changes, the more resources will be given to you to continuously create and transform. With small changes, you can gradually reprogram your entire inner software. Even if you are not able to see big results, keep going at the small changes. Suddenly, one day, you will start to see the cumulative effect of all those simple changes. And it will be a lifetime transformation.