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This is no ordinary course. You are about to spend 2 days with possibly the most creative enlightened being on the planet! This course has been designed to cover every aspect of wealth from the most practical to the deepest spiritual. In the eN-Wealth Program Nithyananda covers:
  • Insights into the minds of the wealthiest
  • Breathtaking commentaries on how people get trapped in poverty
  • Clarity on decision making
  • The true meaning about responsibility, so that guilt is dropped and love of life emerges
  • How to break out of fears about money
  • How to select what true wealth means for you
  • How to manifest wealth
  • How to gain deep understanding that spirituality and wealth go hand-in-hand
Dynamic Interactive Exercises will cover:
  • Where you specifically are trapped in your attitude to wealth
  • Your own issues about responsibility
  • Your fears relating to overspending
  • our issues about miserliness
  • The causes of your lack of self worth and feelings of “I don’t deserve!”
  • How the wealthy feel and act
  • How attitudes to “god” affect our relationship with money
More About eN-Wealth: Inside we each have core unconscious beliefs about wealth, poverty, and money that keep us stressed, fearful and tense, often leading to poor money and lifestyle decisions. This program sweeps away all our unhealthy attitudes and operating systems about poverty, hard work, debt, and life goals. Instead, we directly experience how to be wealthy and free; joyful and responsible for our actions; and how to live an abundant life with material and spiritual richness. Many people carry unconscious childhood beliefs about money, wealth, poverty and stress that constantly sabotage their attempts to live a life of wealth. In reality, wealth is neither good nor bad - it's neutral. But a wealth attitude is essential for a life of richness. Come learn, experience and radiate your true “wealth”! In this weekend program, Paramahamsa Nithyananda leads us through a series of intense experiences that strip away the conscious and unconscious beliefs that keep us constrained and in stress about wealth.We learn how to manifest, how to live in full responsibility, and how to truly enjoy the wealth that we all are. Nithyananda himself has built organizations of great wealth, and radiates wealth consciousness to all who spend time with him. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a master!