Divine logic is not rule-bound!

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WE THINK that the way we lead our lives as well as the rules our society lays down for us to follow, and the creation are all ruled by logic. We are completely wrong. Life is far beyond reason and logic. All the laws, rules and regulations are based on partial understanding of life. But life is beyond all our understanding and beyond our logic. People ask me, ‘Why is this life created at all?’ There is no answer to this question of human logic. Life is based on God’s logic. There is no place in this universe that He is not present. There is no time He is not present. There is nothing He does not know. In front of God’s will our logic and reasoning melts like ice in front of the sun. Human logic and God’s logic can never meet. His logic is so immense, vast and infinite. We can never match His logic. Life, in myriad forms, is created by Him. Rules are created by us. Universe is created by Him. Laws are created by us. Naturally, our laws can never match or fit with God’s logic or God created life. Life is natural. Laws are societal. Life is physical. Laws are mental. All our ideas, all our dos and don’ts, all our morality, all our rights or wrongs are given to us by society. God gives us only love. Society rules us by labels. We are called as a saint, saviour, or a sinner by the society. Not by God. When society titles us as saints, we are saints. The moment society decides we are sinners, we are sinners. To God, we are still the same, saint or sinner. When a person kills another person in society, that person is labelled a murderer and punished. If the same person kills someone on the warfront, he will be hailed as a hero and rewarded. The act is the same, but the effects are different. Society rules us by these labels that are based on manmade rules and regulations. Those who create these rules often exempt themselves from application of these rules. God neither creates these rules nor promotes them. There is a great danger in following the logic laid down by the society without understanding and awareness. We need to look beyond human logic of sin and guilt, heaven and hell, fear and greed. We need to seek an inner awareness of why we follow these rules. With that understanding you can experience the logic of the Divine, the gift of compassion and existence. Do not follow moral rules blindly. Meditate upon them and seek understanding. Whatever you then do will be right. You will experience nithyananda, eternal bliss.