You can alter your DNA!

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Traditional medicine has always believed that many diseases, especially chronic diseases, are inherited from the parents, and nothing can be done to prevent them. It is true that ,many of these diseases are transmitted to us by parents through the DNA - but do you know that you have the power to alter even your DNA? Now it has been proven that any emotional pain held too strongly in your system can cause disease. Scientist Daniel Winter and his team found proof that human emotions and thoughts can reprogram your DNA and shape your immune system. For example, if you are suffering with desires which are not bringing you fulfillment, it can lead to diabetes. If you are in constant fear, it can lead to high blood pressure. Nurturing feelings of guilt is responsible for arthritis. When such emotions are held in the body-mind for prolonged periods, they become part of the memory of every cell, He further adds when an individual's bio-memory is filled with such emotions, it can also lead to rapid ageing. The removal of these emotions from the bio-memory is the technique for anti-ageing. Your body has its own intelligence which is far more powerful than your intellectual memory. This is known as ‘bio-memory’. Bio-memory plays an incredibly important role in our daily functioning, including ensuring that we can breathe without having to think about it! Your body is continuously evolving without your active involvement, but it is subtly influenced by your emotions and moods. Scientific studies have shown that our DNA shrinks or curls up when it is exposed to emotions like fear, frustration and guilt. When the same DNA is exposed to love and peace, it elongates or relaxes. We have been socially conditioned to believe that diseases that are handed down through the generations are not in our control. Till recently, it was widely believed that our genes are largely responsible for our diseases. That may be true at the gross bodily level. But the truth is that the quality of your consciousness can directly change your DNA. Even persistent diseases handed down to you by previous generations, like cancer, blood pressure and heart diseases, can be altered or even completely transformed by living a richer, more meditative life. No matter what your genes or your environment throw at you, isn’t it heartening know that we can take charge anytime we wish and turn our lives around?