Energizing the pranic layer

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Duration: 11 minutes ABOUT THIS TECHNIQUE The air you breathe is just a vehicle in which the prana (life-energy)comes in and goes out of your body. When you inhale, the air comes in carrying prana, and when you exhale, the ‘empty’ air goes out . This life energy is universal. Your breathing is not just an internal process. The breath does not flow in an internal circuit as you think. It is a moment-to-moment exchange of energy with the universe. This technique is a quick way to energize your pranic layer. A healthy pranic layer not only enhances your general vitality, it also boosts your immunity to disease. INSTRUCTIONS: Close your eyes. Sit in vajrasana with your eyes closed. If you cannot sit in vajrasana, simply sit upright on the floor or in a chair. Inhale through the mouth slowly and deeply. Swallow the air. Feel that you are digesting the prana present in the air. You will feel an intense coolness in your being. Exhale normally, through your nose. Repeat the process, inhaling through the mouth and exhaling through the nose. When you swallow your inhaling breath, automatically, your exhaling breath will come through your nose. This technique can refresh and energize you in just a few minutes.