Depressed? Switch to a new track!

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So much is being said about depression these days, that we have forgotten that depression is not such a complex problem! In fact, depression is nothing but the clinical name for chronic worrying! The mind is an excellent recording system. It stores your negative thought patterns, your complexes and your worries. Whatever you teach the mind, it learns and repeats faithfully. So watch what you tell your mind! For instance, suppose you experience a failure in business. To make it worse, your marriage breaks up around the same period. Chances are that you will begin to believe that something is wrong with you, that whatever you touch is bound to be a failure. By continuously repeating this negative idea to yourself, you help it get even more deeply rooted in your memory. As time passes, the mind begins to automatically play back whatever you have taught it, even in other situations, disturbing you without your knowledge or permission. This becomes a habit for your mind, resulting in a serious inferiority complex. Just as poor eating habits ultimately cause fat deposits to accumulate in your body, or cholesterol to accumulate in your arteries, constant worrying can actually cause worries to solidify in your being. Just as cholesterol creates blockages in your arteries, depression creates energy blocks in your being. Depression is felt as a total low, a state past all hope. It is a state where we have handed over all controls to a monster we have created ourselves. But look at the flip side. If you can fall into depression simply by the continuous instructions you give to your mind, the way out is obvious! You don’t need to fight or struggle with depression. A powerful intention to get out of depression is half the job done. Depression is like darkness. It is a product of the unconscious. It cannot survive the force of your conscious intention! Start today and take charge of your life. Your old thought patterns will try and take over. Just say “No” and change the words. It will feel awkward at first but do not give up. Put post-notes around your home, in your car, at work and anywhere else you can think with the new thoughts for the new you! In just 21 days, you will begin to see the results. The old patterns will start to lose their hold over you and the new ones will start gaining power. With this simple technique, you can walk out of depression!