Entanglement – key to spiritual healing

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What exactly happens during spiritual healing? See, if you hang hundreds of pendulum clocks on a long wall, and start them at different times, within a few minutes all clocks will start swinging in synchronicity.  This phenomenon is called resonance or entanglement. This is what happens when you come into my breathing space! Suddenly, your mind gets entangled with my no-mind. This truth about entanglement opens many truths, understandings, possibilities. All my healers are my pendulum clocks. Wherever he may be, a practicing healer is continuously in entanglement with me. If you are a little disturbed pendulum clock, and if both you and the healer are put in one space, your pendulum also starts vibrating in the same tune. A healer who lives whatever I am teaching, and practices healing, is in continuous entanglement with me. This is what I call ‘physiology of feeling connection’.

If your mind entangles with my no-mind, it is entanglement. If your muscle-memory gets entangled with my muscle-memory, it is called entrainment. And if your bio-memory gets entangled with my bio-memory, it becomes enlightenment. Healing happens at entanglement level, kundalini awakening happens in the entrainment level, levitation in the enlightenment level. Entanglement happens when the thoughts of two or more people are in sync or in union with one another. Entrainment means two persons falling in tune with the same idea. Enlightenment means two persons uniting beyond ideas. When you are unclutched, you are in entanglement with me!


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