Change Your Mind – Change Your Brain

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Most of us when asked to point to where our brain is, will point to our head. In the same way, if ask anyone to point to where the mind is, again most of us will point to our head. We assume that the mind is somewhere in the brain. Isn’t it so? Now this may seem shocking: the mind is not something located in the brain… it permeates every cell of the body! You cannot put your finger on the mind! The mind is a collection of memories, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that constantly determine our actions and decisions. Many scientific studies demonstrate how the mind has the power to even rewire the brain! The brain has tremendous plasticity. There is constant change happening in the brain. Neurons establish new connections every day. They create new pathways for different sets of emotions and actions. The brain directly responds to our thoughts and emotional patterns: our state of mind. The brain is not hardwired as we think. What does this mean? Three fundamental points:
  1. The brain is getting rewired continuously to process experiences
  2. The more often we have a certain thought or experience, the stronger that network becomes
  3. Most of the thoughts patterns we have developed are deeply unconscious
The third point is the key. Our unconscious thoughts often are related to frustrations, pain, worries and fears. These kinds of thoughts and emotions create blockages in the energy flow in the brain. We start developing what we call disease. With awareness we can choose what we experience. Do we want to experience love, compassion and bliss or do we want to experience anger, frustration and depression? It is up to us! When we are aware, we have a choice. Practicing both yoga and meditation is an excellent avenue that facilitates the physiological and psychological transformation. They will increase awareness and allow you to release the emotional load of past memories. Not only that, you will awaken the non-mechanical parts or subtle areas of the brain. A source of infinite creativity, which usually remains dormant in most human beings, will be accessible to you. It is your choice. If you change your mind, you can change your brain!