Let your chakras breathe!

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Your chakras are the points at which pranic energy enters your body. If they are kept in an energized condition, you will be free from all types of diseases. Pranic breathing from the various chakras is a quick way to rejuvenate yourself. Duration: 21 minutes INSTRUCTIONS Close your eyes and sit comfortably cross-legged on the floor. Inhale and exhale deeply a few times. Now place your awareness on the muladhara chakra (root center), located at the base of your spine. As you inhale, visualize your muladhara chakra breathing in deeply. Visualize prana going into your chakra. Feel it touching the chakra and vibrating the chakra. When you exhale, visualize the empty air being expelled from the chakra. Your mooladhara chakra is infused with pranic energy. Continue for 11 rounds of inhalation and exhalation. Now move to the (spleen center), located two inches above the mooladhara chakra and two inches below your navel. Repeat this process with the swadhishthana chakra for 11 rounds of inhalation and exhalation. Move upwards through the other chakras up to the sahahrara chakra (crown center). Repeat the same process with each of the chakras.