Life Bliss Program - level 3

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Move From Logic to Intuition In today's world, logic and analysis are the compulsory components for success. But, to live a life mastered by it can never make us enjoy true fulfillment. Logic is how the mind knows reality, whereas devotion is how the being experiences reality. Our fulfillment lies in our ability to experience and relate to reality, the world, others and Existence. BSP is a unique program created for you to encounter your natural capacity for devotion, utter innocence and purity which was once your very nature. It kindles an integrated devotion that directly fulfills relationships in all spheres of life - relating to a mother who gives you birth anew, to a child who draws you to the marvels of the world, to a friend who relates and reveals, to a Master who dares you to see within, to a beloved into whom you can dissolve...all these put together and something more. Come and discover how to relate, in love, in openness, in inner expansion and laughter. Pre-Requisites: LBP Level 2 – NSP