Life Bliss Program

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"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players…" William Shakespeare Truly all of life is a play! Discover the unique games you play in your life. In the Life Bliss program, unravel the 7 games you play in your life. Each game distinguishes deep embedded patterns and impressions that shaped your personality, the behavioral patterns which have a grip on you and run your life, those that limit you moment to moment in your life and define what is possible for you and what is not. The Life Bliss Program gives you an extraordinary access to powerfully dealing with those impressions, patterns and emotions. In this program, you will learn the science of:

  1. How the human mind functions and learn the art of mastering your mind: Unravel the secrets of mind and its functioning and how it directly affects the day to day functioning of our daily chores, be it at office or at home; be it with family or with friends or with complete strangers.
  2. Chakras or the Energy Centers: There are seven key Chakras or Energy Centers in the human body that are responsible for the proper functioning of the body, mind, and heart. They deeply influence our physical, emotional and mental state. The presence of these energy centers in our body has now been scientifically documented by Kirlean photography. When any of the energy centers is low on energy, the system malfunctions and the body gets diseased. This changes the physical, mental, and emotional state from ease to 'dis-ease'. This low energy can be felt much before it manifests itself in the physical body as a disease. If we keep the energy centers in a cleansed and energized condition, they can help us live a disease free, stress free, and blissful healthy life.

The program has a two way approach:

  1. Provides intellectual knowledge, the simple understanding and practice of which provides powerful healing by establishing positive mindsets in the human conscious zone.
  2. Seven powerful and effective meditations that are dynamic and unique, and give the experience itself of a blissful and joyful mindset.

If you want to know more about the chakras or energy centers, please read the following:

  1. Muladhara Chakra - the root center: Experience for the first time being in 'reality'. Experience your energy levels soaring to new heights!
  2. Swadishtana Chakra - the being center. Acquire the ability to confront fear and being in right action in the face of fears that stop you from living life fully! Experience a shift in the way you respond to challenging situations in your life.
  3. Manipuraka Chakra - the navel center: Get rid of all your worries. Experience a worry-free space that leaves you with a unique freedom to mould your life the way you want it not getting stopped by worries and complaints that rule your life.
  4. Anahata Chakra - The Heart Centre - Experience pure energy of love explode within you that leaves you with deep reverence and romance with everything in your life.
  5. Vishuddhi Chakra - The Throat Centre - Unlock the highest cosmic energy zone in you that leaves you fresh and alive for longer periods of time with the ability to effectively use your energy to do more quality work in less time.
  6. Ajna Chakra - The Brow Centre - Taste the space of being God where whatever you will, WILL happen! Experience being the author of your life.
  7. Sahasraara Chakra - The Crown Centre - Establish yourself in gratitude and contentment that leaves you in a miraculous space where you are blooming with joy and celebration like never before!