Breath and Mind are deeply connected

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Your breathing and your thoughts are very closely associated with one another. The number of thoughts you are having each second is directly related to the flow of prana in your system. Please understand, along with the length, breadth and depth of the prana movement, the thoughts per second also increases or decreases. Breath is the fuel for the mind! If the prana movement becomes slow, the number of thoughts also goes down. That is why, when you are tense about something, you are asked to take a few deep breaths. When your breath slows down, automatically your thought flow becomes smoother and clearer. Breath and mind are simply two sides of the same coin; the same movement called by two names. Do you know, your breath and your mind both move in a circular manner? When you inhale, air enters your inner space as the incoming breath. Then it takes a turn, and comes out as the outgoing breath. At the point where the turn takes place, where the incoming breath becomes the outgoing breath, there is a neutral space. At this point, both your breath and your mind stop for a second! Catching this moment is meditation!