Sitting meditation or dynamic meditation?

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In the beginning, is it better to start with active or dynamic techniques. When you are just entering into meditation, there might be too much disturbance inside you. All the garbage you have collected over the years will be sitting inside, waiting to jump on you! Straightaway, if you try to sit still and meditate, all you will be witnessing is the terrible disturbance inside. Understand, meditation releases tremendous energy and awareness inside you. Whatever you have suppressed, all the physical and mental disturbances, everything will start bubbling to the surface. If you try to witness all this, you will just go crazy! You won’t be able to cope. Dynamic meditation is like wiping the slate clean before you start writing on it. Dynamic meditation is like de-addiction! It is a deprogramming process. Have you noticed, when your body is active, your mind can’t move? When your mind is still, all the chaos in the deeper layers of your system has a chance to come to the surface and be thrown out. These techniques are outwardly chaotic, but inwardly, they can lead you to an experience of peace, of silence. When you breathe chaotically, for instance, you will see that the opposite experience begins to happen inside you. You become aware of a silent point within you, untouched by the chaos on the outside. When you try to sit silently, you begin to be aware of all the madness inside, all your suppressed thoughts, your words and confusions. When you are moving chaotically, you become aware of the stillness and bliss inside you. So when you are just getting into meditation, choose dynamic techniques. Once you have settled into meditation, once you have cleaned out your system, you can try any technique you want.