Silent Om chanting

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE This is a simple anytime, anywhere technique for energizing and centering yourself. Since this technique is to be practiced silently, you can do even when you are outdoors, or at work, or any time you are free for a few minutes. INSTRUCTIONS Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Keep your body still and take a few deep breaths. Give your mind also some time to settle down. Now start chanting the mantra ‘Om’ silently inside. There is no need to say the mantra aloud. Chant it to yourself, deeply and lengthily. Chant without moving your lips or tongue. Let each repetition bring you back to your self. When you continue this for a while, you will suddenly realize that the chanting has fallen away, and the mind has become silent. These are beautiful moments. But almost as soon as you notice this, the thoughts will start again! Never mind, continue your chanting. Don’t focus on when the next silent moment is going to come, or it will never happen. Just enter into the chanting totally. Before you know it, the mind would have become still again. With repeated practice, you will be able to feel this silence within a few moments of chanting, and the silent intervals will also be longer.