Wave in the cosmic ocean

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Whether you believe it or not, whether you accept it or not, you are a wave in the ocean that is the cosmos. If you internalize this concept, then your actions become a spontaneous part of the rising and falling waves, part of the cosmic leela, divine play. Then you don’t feel you are separate, you are just playing the role that is meant for you. Naturally, your actions become pure and spontaneous, without the play of your emotions in them. DURATION: 21 minutes INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed way. Feel your whole being as a wave in the cosmic ocean. You always experience yourself as solid. You experience your boundary so strongly. Now, experience yourself as fluid, as a flowing energy. You are just a wave in a vast ocean. Meditate on this and allow this feeling to go deep inside you. Step 2: Now, become aware of the breath flowing in and out of your body. Start feeling your breathing as a rising of a wave. Your breathing is just a wave in the ocean of energy, the ocean of life. While breathing, feel as if the ocean is breathing in you. The ocean is entering into you and then going out again. With every breath coming in, feel a wave rising, and with every breath going out, feel a wave dying. This is the truth! With every breath, you are living and dying. But when the wave is rising, when it reaches the peak, and when it subsides and returns to the ocean – at all times, the wave is nothing but the ocean. At all times, you are nothing but the play of the universal consciousness! When you enter intensely into this understanding, it can create lasting peace and centeredness inside you.