Guilt - Relive to relieve

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE Guilt is a very deep-rooted emotion in us. Unlike other emotions, guilt never gets a chance to be expressed. It is always suppressed. Guilt is nothing but measuring the actions of the past with the intelligence of the present! Guilt is violence that is directed against oneself. When the violence is turned outwards, it becomes anger. When it is turned inwards, it becomes guilt. Most of the guilt we carry is unconscious. That is why it is so difficult to free ourselves of guilt. If the guilt can be brought to the surface of our awareness even once, we can be relieved of it. Re-living an emotion with total awareness is a powerful way to relieve ourselves of it. When you go though an emotion consciously, you give it a chance to leave your inner space. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Duration: 10 minutes Sit in a meditative mood with your eyes closed. Bring to mind the memory that is causing guilt in you. However painful it is, however safely you have locked it away in your unconscious mind, please bring it up. In the beginning, your mind will protest. Naturally, it does not want to remember. Just understand, if you can experience it again this one time, the memory will leave you forever. It is worth it. Bring up the memory. Relive the guilt that you experienced at the time. Open the wound completely. If anger comes, let it boil to the surface. If pain comes, allow it to hurt you. Don’t escape from the memory. Don’t resist anything. Relive the entire event, as it happened. Let your body tremble and shake with that memory. Let the tears flow. Do not console yourself. Relive it completely. Step2: Slowly, open your eyes. Now, write down the event as it happened. Don’t miss anything. Write in as detailed a way as you can. As you write, feel the guilt leaving you. Step 3: When you finish writing, spend a few moments with yourself. Don’t read what you have written. You don’t need it. You have expressed the guilt, that is enough. You have released it from your memory. It is no longer yours! Your guilt has left you now. Relax. You are free.