From desire to worship

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ABOUT THE TECHNIQUE You are always ashamed of your desires! You don’t realize, every desire you have is only a reflection of your deep desire for inner fulfillment. You desire something only because it reflects your own inner bliss back to you! You desire power and expansion because you know, deep inside, that you are infinite. You desire wealth because you know that you are abundance itself. You desire relationships because you know that you are Love. Not realizing this, you return again and again to the object of your desire. Again and again, through that person or object or act, you are trying to touch the space of fulfillment that is already there within you. The problem is not with having desires - it is with your attitude toward them. Changing the object is never a solution. Changing the attitude is the solution. When you understand this, the very object of your desire becomes for you a doorway to the Divine. DURATION: Not applicable INSTRUCTIONS Make a list of all the things that you feel attached to, or which awaken desire in you. It might be a habit, a particular pleasure, an object, a person or an action. Include anything or anyone on the list that makes you feel possessive, greedy or lustful. Now, sit down and meditate on the object of your desire. Meditate with a deep and devoted feeling. Never mind what the desire is! Don’t think, how can I even think of such a desire when I am meditating? No! Anything can become sacred when you are respectful and feeling connected to it. Bring in an attitude of respect towards the object or the person. With a lustful attitude, you will reduce even a living person to an object, because you will try to possess that person. With an attitude of love and respect, you can raise even an object into a living consciousness. The moment you bring sanctity to it, lust will become love. Elevate the object or person to the level of a sacred being. Suddenly, you will see that the lust has been transformed into love. The passion has become compassion. Then every relationship is an ecstasy, and you experience real love.