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A Parent is the way for a being to land and travel on this beautiful world of consciousness. This innocent and ignorant child starts developing in the world of unknown. The parent, society and the environment augment the child to blossom into a compassionate leader of the future.

During this process the Parents play the vital role of giving the child the foundation of possibilities. Incubating the child to be the possibilities of the moment is enlightened parenting. Current day parents are tied up with so many environmental and societal pressures of being attached to work and money. So, the child is left with no option but to manage between the electronic gadgets like video and computer games and television.

Human intelligence only picks up what is fed from the environment, which is mostly violence and perversion from the media. First and foremost, children need to be moved away from these modern day demons that drive the children into a zone of corruption and nervous breakdown. Parenting starts only after terminating these dangerous technological demons which directly impact the creativity and increase negative behaviour in children.

Parents should understand that the mind is like a child. The child must only be enjoyed, not bossed around. When we speak to the child it is similar to giving commands to the mind. Can we master our mind by asking it to do something by force!! Never! Similarly we can only talk to the child’s inner space to make them understand who they are and what their purpose of life is. When we give the right understanding, the child listens to everything we tell them as they are in the “being” frame rather than “struggling to form identity” frame. The child realises this freedom and accepts the way we speak rather than retaliate by trying to be powerful or depressed.

Knowing the child is a beautiful space to be and we as parents need to move into their space rather than try to move the child into ours. The cost of moving the child into our domain is too high a price that we make our children pay throughout their lives. It shifts our desires and dislikes on them causing infinite loops of conditioning. On the contrary, parenting is all about the unconditional connection between the child and the parent. The purpose being the ability to see freedom in the eyes of the child. Creating these dynamic possibilities is parenting. Enlightening Parenting is about bringing up the new age man who can take the civilization to an entirely different plane. The child needs to understand how to use his innate potential to harness the world of possibilities that is available to them. Giving them the vaccine for pain, guilt, fear, anger, frustration, greed, etc, will make them invincible to any disturbance in their inner space. Guiding them with the right understanding and loving them is all a parent must do instead of getting over-protective and pushing the unfulfilled desires of the parents on the children.

Parents assume that by giving more attention, children will grow up to be better, stronger, safer and intelligent. What they fail to understand is, unless the child is given the freedom of choice, the child’s possibilities of flowering is completely shut down. Children grow up and behave in a way their parents behaved with them when they were young. The child has learnt to be a parent to their parents after they have grown up. Parents need to understand they will only reap what they sow. Parents are the first role model of a child and they imbibe the body language mostly from them. So the parental conditioning is the last one to leave their bio-memory.

Parents need to understand that they are getting into a brand new dimension of their own life when their child is born. Unlike what is usually said, a parent is not born when a child is born; on the contrary, a child is born when they give birth to a child.

Equipped with the knowledge of right parenting within the realm of a child, a parent is able to easily connect with the child without any kind of conditioning. Parent is equally growing and flowering with the child. The parent is the first and foremost possibility for the child since the child’s first and most prominent wiring of the brain happens in the presence of the parent. Every incorrect association develops a crack in their inner space. Through constant reiteration, the cracks eventually become the dent and then breakdowns.

If parents are able to stand by and locate the cracks and show the possibilities of healing from the start, the child can avoid going into any form of conditioning.

The children of future are creative and spontaneous learners, cognizant that their space is infinite thereby producing their dynamic personalities. They are born to be part of a superior civilization, so we need to be only the witness rather than making them a victim and be one of us.

Making a choice of bringing up an enlightened soul and grooming them to be the leader of the new age is, eNParenting.

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