The secret of anti-aging

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Do you know that even your random thoughts play a role in creating the reality that you perceive and experience?

Look inside and see random thoughts are constantly arising in you. The thoughts you hold in your inner space will gradually become inscribed in your muscle memory. When you repeatedly move your body with certain thoughts and intentions, those thoughts and intentions become reality. So, your muscle memory, your body itself, is made up of your thoughts! Not only your current thoughts, but also your memories or experiences from your past whicht have been recorded in your muscles. These recorded memories are called engrams or engraved memories, and carry an energy of their own. In a given situation, they can suddenly surface and cause you to react in a particular way, even without your awareness!

So, what is aging?

Your body is made of two components: random thoughts in the present moment, and engrams from the past. Aging is the battle between these two components. When there are no thoughts, this conflict does not exist in the body and so there is no aging. The engrams simply get expressed and will leave your system feeling lighter. Similarly, if there are only thoughts happening in you and no struggle with conflicting memories, then again there is no aging. The thoughts simply arise and leave your system effortlessly, leaving a clear space for the next moment of expression.

The constant conflict between your thoughts and engraved memories is what leaves your body feeling dull and heavy. In due course, this results in the aging of the body. A powerful way to arrest this process is through unclutching, living without conflicts in the inner and outer and inner worlds. When you live without conflict between thoughts and engrams, you live in constant excitement, and do not project conflict into your future, leaving a limitless future. Aging does not occur.

So just relax, flow like a breeze with Existence. When you live fully in the present moment, you fulfil and release your engrams. This is the path of the intelligent individual who lives and moves in this world. When you arrest the constant flow of meaningless thoughts, you are following the path of meditation. Either way, you ensure that there is no conflict between the present thoughts and the past engrams. Both will ensure that aging does not happen in you!