Our bodies are beautiful!!

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA - Our bodies are beautiful!! WE HAVE perfected the system of give and take. Everything in our life has a simple equation. We want to know what we can get before we begin to do anything. What’s in it for me is a mantra of modern age. The truth is that no institution built by ordinary humans are above this consideration. Every one of us faces it or does it in one form or the other. Even marriage is now entangled in this equation. A modern marriage is simply a business relationship. One of the partners is marrying solely for the sake of emotional or financial security. Many others marry for material benefits. Even before we enter marriage, we want a undertaking that it will not fail! We enter into prenuptial agreement. This agreement is more like a business contract. The trust between partners is totally absent. We may live in the same house, but not in the same home! We continue to cling to our fantasies and visualizations. We live in our mind, even in the past or the future. We do not live in the present. Let us remove the imagination and dreams that we have about our partners and ourselves. Let us accept the reality of who our partners are and who we are. When we do that, we are actually removing the lust that surrounds our relationship. We are creating an awareness of us and our partners. We are accepting the reality of our body and our partner’s body. The truth is many of us are ashamed of our body. We are more than ashamed. We loathe it. We hate it. We reject it. When we reject our body, it cries. This pain manifests as various body pains and chronic skin diseases. This low self-esteem and disrespect to our body is a vicious cycle. We want to be someone else. We would like to be someone with a different body and mind. We want to shape our body and dress like someone else. We stop staying in our boundary. In fact, we don’t even think of our whole body. Whenever we hear our name we think of our face. How many people can you recognize without looking at their faces? We don’t think of our whole body because we are not comfortable with our body mind system. We constantly seek to be someone else who we think is better than who we are. When we cannot accept ourselves, we can at the very best be beautiful but never graceful. Grace exudes from within. In the next few days watch your body after a bath. Watch it with love and feel comfortable. Come to terms with your body and mind and that of your partner. You will then move into the zone of bliss!