Nithyananda Vedic Temple, Montclair, hosts and takes part on Sep 18 in the '11 Days of Global Unity and Month of Interfaith Celebrations' - the fourth year being organized by the Inland Valley's Faith community.
WE CANNOT differentiate between love and lust today. Our lives are completely taken over by the fantasy and mental picture that lust creates in us. Our love, or the emotion that we call love, is tainted by greed and fear. All our love is conditional. We can only love someone as long as that person does what we say and obeys us. Control is a precondition to love.
The first blog is from the web team. It is Guru Purnima Day. It is a day full of gratitude and love for our Master. It has been a blessing that this website will be launched this fine day.
Kalpataru is a powerful workshop that aligns your actions with your true intentions. It is a simple method that allows you to awaken your innate power so that you can manifest your own destiny.
How much bargaining we do in our love! Even in our closest relationships, we ask, judge and measure – not realizing that the first rule of love is to give everything and ask for nothing! We cannot even call this a rule of love – it is just the fragrance of real love.
The benefits of meditation can be reduced to one word: health.
If your partner, child or friend is upset and sharing their feelings with you, just LISTEN. 90% of the time, chances are they only looking for some understanding and emotional support from you, NOT your solutions for their problems.
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