5 ways to enhance your relationships

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Five Ways to enhance your relationships:
  1. If your partner, child or friend is upset and sharing their feelings with you, just LISTEN. 90% of the time, chances are they only looking for some understanding and emotional support from you, NOT your solutions for their problems.
  2. Don’t chisel your partner: If your partner isn’t exactly the size, shape and personality that you were looking for, welcome the novelty! Trying to chisel and sculpt the other person into your ‘ideal other’ is not only psychological violence against them, but pure disrespect of the living, dynamic energy which they are.
  3. Don’t equate possessiveness with love. The jealous lover has been unnecessarily glamorized in popular literature and cinema. Possessiveness is nothing but a subtle way of controlling the other and treating him/her as your personal property. Such an attitude is bound to take a toll on your relationship in the long run.
  4. No matter how difficult to believe, your kids are separate individuals with brains, not just extensions of you!! The best parent is one who assures his/her child of conditional love and support, and then gets out of the way unless necessary. Your kids will not only grow up to be beautiful individuals, but will thank you for this all their lives.
  5. A rose-plant never worries about why it is not a banyan tree, and vice-versa! There is enough space in the world for all kinds of people to live and flourish. You are unique, so why compare? Express your uniqueness, enjoy the unique expressions of others (no matter how different from yours), and watch your relationships flower!