Enlightened Parenting

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Enlightened Parenting. These two words have such energy and potential. Wouldn’t we all want to parent in an illumined or enlightened way? To come from a wise space of intuition? To raise our children easily, effortlessly, and without conflict? To help our children achieve their full potential and face the inner and outer world challenges with confidence? We are all familiar with the parenting section of the bookstore for advice on the next difficult phase our children are entering. We read magazine articles on how to deal with everything from zoo visits to acne. Enlightened parenting is different. It is about fulfilling ourselves, out of which we operate in a highly evolved inner space of energy, wisdom, intuition and love. We parent from a fulfilled, conflict free state. It is a beautiful concept but most of us assume that conflict and effort is an inherent part of parenting, especially as the child seeks independence from the parents. It is possible to parent without conflict. In fact, it is possible to live a conflict free inner and outer life. It is possible to parent from this place of fulfillment. Let’s see how. Our thoughts create conflict. It does not take a whole family to have conflict! There is enough conflict within ourselves, within our own thoughts. For example, any mom would know how difficult it is to get some extra personal time. So maybe before bed you resolve to get up one hour earlier for a workout. However, in the morning when the alarm goes off, all resolve of a morning workout has vanished and the mind says, ‘Stay in bed… just sleep.’ Another voice says, ‘Get up.’ This conflict goes on inside. When more and more thoughts occupy the mind, the level of inner conflict escalates and starts hitting the people nearest you; my family members, become the recipients of my irritation and anger. Before you realize it, instead of responding to demanding situations, you start reacting to them, and are in outer conflicts with your kids, your family and your life. Bringing awareness to each action and each thought is the first step towards being conflict-free. This awareness will help us to be authentic and fulfilled in every situation that arises. Enlightened parenting is all about being in a high-energy state. Since less energy is spent in inner and outer conflicts, there is more energy available towards reaching our own potential and being really available, attentive and present with our kids. Enlightened parenting is a state that we live in for ourselves, allowing each member of the family the freedom to grow and reach their own unique potential and fulfillment.