PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA on Don’t raise children in one’s own image TILL the age of seven, a child is like a sponge. Anything that the child is exposed to, the child absorbs. Its mind and body grows at an amazing rate. In this phase, the child is in the visualization phase. Whatever the child sees is imprinted and embedded into its unconscious. The embedded memories start replaying as the child grows into an adult. These embedded memories drive adult decisions.
Enlightened Parenting. These two words have such energy and potential. Wouldn’t we all want to parent in an illumined or enlightened way? To come from a wise space of intuition? To raise our children easily, effortlessly, and without conflict? To help our children achieve their full potential and face the inner and outer world challenges with confidence?
Most parents and child caregivers are under the impression that they have to do all the thinking for the children. They just want their kids to be cute voice recorders replaying the thoughts of the parents. Did you know that a child has immense capability to think and decide across all domains of their lives!
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