This one technique can give you whatever you want and lead you to the space of not wanting you anything – Enlightenment itself.
WE ARE not labels. We are all beings living inside the labels. We are not doctor, husband, friend, or anything. We are more than that. We are a total of all that. We are so deeply attached to the labels. We wear labels very proudly. When people don’t notice and appreciate our labels we feel slighted, neglected, and annoyed. Our labels say things such as ‘I am a manager’ or that ‘I am a big businessman’ or that ‘I own many cars.’
OUR mind dies when we are alone. Mind needs relationships to survive. Mind, ego and personality are norms of a society. They thrive only in relationship with society. Our true nature is aloneness. However, our mind starves when we are alone and makes us feel uncomfortable as it is not conditioned to it. Our personality has a social basis of comparison with others. However, when we think of ourselves in terms of our personality...
A lady came to me complaining that she is hurt by even small criticisms coming from others. She said she was very sensitive. I asked her to stop using that word. I said, ‘You are not sensitive. A really sensitive person will be porous; she will allow the words to pass through her. Only arrogant people get hurt. If you are hurt, please understand that you are arrogant. You are strong like a stone, which is why words come and hit you.’
PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA on Don’t raise children in one’s own image TILL the age of seven, a child is like a sponge. Anything that the child is exposed to, the child absorbs. Its mind and body grows at an amazing rate. In this phase, the child is in the visualization phase. Whatever the child sees is imprinted and embedded into its unconscious. The embedded memories start replaying as the child grows into an adult. These embedded memories drive adult decisions.
WATCH someone who gets angry very quickly. The more he gets angry, the more he seems addicted to being angry. Getting angry does not resolve problems. Biologists tell us that repeated behaviour actually rewires the brain. Neural networks get established with repeated behaviour pattern. What this means is that anger breeds anger.
OUR true nature is bliss. However, negativity fills much of our lives. This leads to suffering. We then wonder why we are unhappy. We can control anger and depression by meditation. Just by analysing the seven chakras that are in our body, and the individual consciousness, we can remove negativity and control the mind. We are like an onion
WE CANNOT differentiate between love and lust today. Our lives are completely taken over by the fantasy and mental picture that lust creates in us. Our love, or the emotion that we call love, is tainted by greed and fear. All our love is conditional. We can only love someone as long as that person does what we say and obeys us. Control is a precondition to love.
‘Who are you?’ what would you answer? You will tell me about your status or relationships. You will go on and on about what you possess and what you control. You do not answer the question. You don’t know the answer to that question. Start the search today. Sit alone in a room, close the door, and start asking the question: ‘Who am I’?
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