Letting others rule our minds!

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• PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA - Letting others rule our minds! HOW to control the mind without allowing the world from outside influence our thoughts? Most of us have no control over our minds. We’ve heard people talk of it. We’ve only heard of it. We’ve never been able to practice it. We’ve never experienced it. Control over mind is only told, only heard, not practiced. If we only hear of something that’s beyond the realm of our experience, we decide that the statement is wrong. Does this mean that the outside events, or other minds, can still influence an individual’s mind and thought processes? Let us examine this. If we’re married, we know that our spouses can influence our thought process. It happens verbally when we give orders. It can also happen without words. Here is an example. You decide to come for the meditation camp. Let us say your spouse puts on a long face. But you decide to come anyway. Your spouse hasn’t said anything. There’s no negative body language or verbal arguments regarding this matter. Watch what happens when you are in the meditation retreat and getting into a joyful mood. A thought of your spouse wriggles into our mind. Your energy will change. Your entire mood will change. Even without their physical presence our spouses influence our meditation. We’ll be meditating on the negative energy of the spouses. Just the memory triggers so many reactions in us. It lands us in low energy field and negative mood. So it is true that others can influence our mind. They needn’t express their thoughts. They can be a memory. This operates even if we haven’t met a person. This is brought about by pattern of thought. The best way to change this thought structure is to become aware. When we’re aware of our thoughts we can change the mood or the habit. We can choose to be happy. Human beings can make a conscious choice. We can decide whether we’d like to live with intelligence. Animals and non-living things don’t have this choice. They are intelligent by birth and remain intelligent. Their intelligence is not from their intellect. Human beings have a choice; they can choose to become fools or intelligent. We choose to use our intellect and become foolish. I think, therefore I am, said a western philosopher who did not even know how his mind worked. In contrast, our scriptures said many thousand years ago that you discover yourself, your true divinity when you stop thinking. You have a choice as to whom you listen to!