Love for no reason

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How much bargaining we do in our love! Even in our closest relationships, we ask, judge and measure – not realizing that the first rule of love is to give everything and ask for nothing! We cannot even call this a rule of love – it is just the fragrance of real love. Just try this for yourself: love as much as you can, without asking for anything in return. Loving for a reason is not love it is just a business deal. When you can love without a reason anyone or anything that comes your way, you will release tremendous energy and beauty. You will appear beautiful irrespective of whether you are physically beautiful or not. Don’t think that unconditional love will not get you back anything. It will get you back things in more than one way. But you should evolve to an extent where you see these things coming to you and continue loving, for the sake of loving. Your intelligence will make you see the things that you get in return and the same intelligence will keep you blissfully untouched by them also! There will be a revolutionary change in your heart and you will be a new person. Others will see a beautiful change in you. They will develop a new respect for you. They will see that you are flowering in a way incomprehensible to them. To be able to love unconditionally you need to feel free. What do I mean by free? Not being bound by caste, creed, sect, religion, family, relatives and any such thing. When you are bound by all this your love will remain bound. Bound love is not real love. How can you love with boundaries? It is against the very definition of love. I am not saying that you should forget your family, religion etc. Just don’t see love in the context of all this. Free your inner space from these bondages. When you feel that you belong to the whole of Existence, you can love without any boundaries. I always tell people if you are able to feel the love that you feel towards me to each other, then you have had a glimpse of real love. As I told you it is very easy to love me! But if you can feel the same love that you feel towards me towards the others also, then you have caught the thread of real love. Then you have started feeling Existence in everything. Then slowly you will move on to embracing everything and everyone as part of Existence.