Jul 16

Guru Purnima Day: The day to express gratitude and love for our Master

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The first blog is from the web team. It is Guru Purnima Day. It is a day full of gratitude and love for our Master. It has been a blessing that this website will be launched this fine day. This blog page will be giving you updates of the ashram, and some experiences living around the Master. It is an opportunity to speak on a more personal level to you to get to know the people that dedicated their life to Swamiji and the Mission. As well, we will also be having experiences of devotees and disciples. We are working through the night to finish off the launching of this site. We take a moment to watch some of the people arrive from the padayatra (walking on foot) from Tirvannamalai. They have been walking since the 6th of July. There is this silence amongst us as they all proudly walk their last way toward Swamiji. You can feel the love in your heart. There is old and young that have taken this journey. It is difficult to give back to a Master that gives so much every minute to our life so it is one way to show love and devotion. Ashramites and volunteers are up all night getting ready for this day. Tents, fences, lights and decoration are being put up as well as food being prepared for over 10,000 people. Swamiji is insistent that anyone that comes to the ashram is fed. We take a break in the night to get some hot milk at the kitchen. There are lots of volunteers in the kitchen cutting vegetables. They are all happily talking and being blissful in every vegetable they cut. The joy of just giving back in some way. They work all night. So today we all wish to give Swamiji our love and devotion this Guru Purnima day. We are eternally grateful and know each of us have been blessed to be with born at the time of this great Master. Every breath Swamiji takes is about raising consciousness of humanity and the Mission. We are excited to be able to bring you this new website that will touch people from around the world bringing them or keeping them connected to Swamiji and the Mission. Of course, this website is only due to the blessings of our beloved Swamiji.