Jun 04

eN-Poems: I am His / Maya / Forever You are Here / One look / A simple photo / The Middle Man

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I am His.

Emotions rise and fall like the flames from a fire.

I am His.

Thoughts swirl like the deepest whirlpool and merge into the sea.

I am His.

Thousands of miles away yet never alone.
I am His.

Laughter in His smile. Laughter in His eyes. Laughter in my being.

I am His.

One click for the mind. Two clicks for the heart. Three kicks for the ego.

I am His.

Raising me like a newborn in his arms. Higher and higher with no end in sight.

I am His.

His extension. His representative. No separation.

I am His.

No suffering. Only flowing.

I am His.

The biggest drama. The ultimate director. The greatest journey.

I am His.

Different tunes. Different beats. One melody.

I am His.

No time for reflection. No need for the future. Dancing on the stage of uncertainty.

I am His.

Unbounded patience. Uncompromising compassion.

I am His.







I fell for her. She was more than real.

Important. Urgent.

Bound by the outcome. The good and the bad.

Just  a slight shift in my stance and I fell into her haze.

Thinking this is the path.

I did not heed His warnings.

I ended up turning my back. Dancing to her song.

Distanced myself from Him. From Myself.

He never let go. Never gave up. Always patient.

Waiting for the right moment. Now.

One compassionate shake.

She stepped back and I stepped through.

To see what was there all along.



Forever You are Here.

My eyes are open, but the mind drifts away here and there.

You are still here?

My eyelids flutter and drift to a deep stupor.

You are still here?

My mouth opens and says a few silly words.

You are still here?

I turn my shoulders and look the other way.

You are still here?

My whole system is jolted into a shock of patterns that once were.

You are still here. An understanding without words.

A compassionate embrace without any contact.

Yes, forever You are here.


One look!

One look. I was floored. Speechless…

Even time froze and watched with me.

A reminder of what was real when waters were rough.

An experience of eternal fulfillment in a just a split second!

What more could I ask for? What more do I need?

One look! That's all it took.


A simple photo.

A simple photo ignites the deep longing that is always there.

I must stop after two or three.

It’s too much to take. O Sati!

Is this how you felt?

I know He is always here yet the mind still plays.

Trying to make me forget.

Trying to make me feel separate.

No. Even the mind cannot separate the whole.

Only insert the timeless veil of ignorance.

But His light is too bright. Nothing can withstand.

As He lays out the path with a graceful, compassionate hand.


The Middle Man

Never resist yet never compromise.

Be the middle man.

Flow like the breeze.  Stand firm like a rock.

Be the middle man.

Always available. Always stable.

Be the middle man.

Face right. Face left.

Be the middle man.

Drive in the fast lane. Stop dead in your tracks.

Be the middle man.

Experience life outside. Always centered within.

Be the middle man.

Bask in the blazing glory. Merge into the stealth of night.

Be the middle man.

Sing for the crowd. Whisper to the newborn.

Be the middle man.

Achieve a goal. Miss the target.

Be the middle man.

Bouts of frustration. Waves of pride. Tears of joy.

Be the middle man.

Enjoy the ride. Share the experience.

Be the middle man.

Let it come. Let it go. Come what may.

Just be.