Allow wealth to flow!

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What is your secret relationship with wealth? Which do you enjoy more - the power of holding wealth, or the joy of spending it? People respond to wealth in two distinct ways. In Vedic terminology, these two dimensions are represented by two interesting deities – Kubera and Lakshmi. Kubera is famous for hoarding wealth. All his life, he collects and collects and never thinks of spending wealth. Like many of us, he has a neurotic obsession with hoarding inordinate amounts of wealth that he is never ever going to use. Just like us, he enjoys the subtle power that holding wealth can bring. Lakshmi, on the other hand, represents wealth that is flowing, circulating, current. She uses wealth to enrich herself and the world. She creates wealth effortlessly, uses it freely, distributes it unconditionally. Lakshmi breathes life into wealth, and wealth into life. Are you being a Kubera or a Lakshmi right now? Many people do not know how to own wealth; they are owned by it. If you own it, you would be enjoying it! If you cannot spend it or share it freely, what is the use of wealth? Only when wealth is allowed to circulate can it be called wealth at all. Your attitude to wealth is actually a subtle indicator of your attitude towards life. Hoarding wealth is a symptom of deep-rooted insecurity about the goodness of Life. The first thing to understand is, you can hold onto neither wealth nor Life! If you are open, even when wealth leaves you, it can teach you powerful lessons about Life. If you are closed, you will not be able to experience and enjoy wealth even when your life is filled with it. When you flow with the flow of wealth in your life, you will always be filled with abundance.