Money is the biggest Maya

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Money is the most illogical thing that all logical people on planet earth believe! The greatest superstition on planet is not God, it is money. Money is the greatest Parama Maya – the worst collective delusion. created by human beings. In truth, whatever you have is by chance. So why should somebody be called as millionaire, somebody as billionaire, somebody beggar? No reason. A few people who want to exploit others gathered together and created the concept of holding, created the concept of money. Then unconsciously, every fellow started following it. Whoever rebelled against it was killed and controlled in the name of law. In course of time, the whole world was drowned. They had forgotten that they have created the superstition called money! In the movie Matrix, the artificial intelligence created by human beings takes over human beings. Same way, the superstition called money created by human beings has taken over human beings.

So whenever you are handling money, be very clear: this is the language the world understands, but I am not going to believe it as a power. I am something more than all my wants. All my wants put together is not equivalent to me, it is only a part of me. Money can bring the cot I want, it can bring the food I want. But it cannot bring me what I really am. When you are feeling gratified with whatever is obtained by chance, your inner space drops from the world’s largest superstition.

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