All life forms are part of you – this is the truth. Please understand, if I take handful of clay and understand it thoroughly, then, I know all the clay on the planet earth. Same way, you are life.
Principles of life are neither capitalistic nor communistic. The principles of life says, man who takes the responsibility has the right to enjoy.
Only when the life’s principles support you, you will have the gifts of life – health, life satisfaction, the feeling that life is overflowing.
For self-actualization, you may need to use fear and greed. But for self-realization, you need to drop fear and greed.
oney is the greatest Parama Maya – the worst collective delusion. created by human beings.
When you are pushing your limits, you realize many of your hidden capacities, extraordinary experiences and energies.
Your fear will attract exactly the same thing which you are afraid of. Your fear knows how to manifest itself as reality.
When you are afraid to exhaust your courage, the stored courage becomes sickness, stored confidence becomes cowardness.
The man who loves the space of peace in him who loves to create the space of peace around him is Sadhu.
Whenever you are working out of greed, tiredness happens in you.
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