Empower the solution

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, May 25, 2012

All life forms are part of you – this is the truth. Please understand, if I take handful of clay and understand it thoroughly, then, I know all the clay on the planet earth. Same way, you are life. When you know you are living, you are life, then all life forms on the planet earth is you! It is part of you. All the life and the life in your body is not two different life.

Again & again you lose the experience of this ultimate truth. You do accept many times, all life forms are part of me, I am part of the all life forms. But the problem is, when you make serious decisions in your life, this truth is forgotten. You don’t make decision based on this truth. Why? Because the cognizance you take about the problem becomes more powerful than the ultimate solution you carry in your inner space. All of you have thousands of ultimate solutions – love, compassion, joy. But when a problem comes, when you are expected to make decisions, the cognizance of the problem looks powerful in you than the cognizance of the ultimate solution, the spiritual truth. It is a simple matter of the power of problem versus the power of ultimate solution in your inner space. If the power of problem is more, you are bound soul. If the power of ultimate solution is more, you are a jeevanmukta. That’s all!


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