All life forms are part of you – this is the truth. Please understand, if I take handful of clay and understand it thoroughly, then, I know all the clay on the planet earth. Same way, you are life.
You fighting with your own patterns is peace. You fighting with others’ patterns is war!
When you are in love, the fulfillment center is awakened, and it does not let you think about future security. Even if you have one question about future security, you are not in love.
Your Guru who loves you, do not want you to be stuck as a Guru Widow or Guru widower. Discipleship is for you to grow.
I don’t want you to give up desire! I just want you to give up the contrasting, conflicting and complicated desires.
The moment you say, I have a choice, you already assumed the kartrtva (sense of doership). When all the five senses are put together, suddenly a wrong alchemy happens – sense of doership.
When you take responsibility for all four- your individual self, the human society, nature, and the Whole - you stop blaming anybody.
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