Choose war or peace

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Tuesday, May 23, 2012

Intensity means, ability to fight with your own patterns. If you are fighting with others’ patterns, it means you are in-tense, not intense! No. Fighting with own your patterns is intensity, fighting with others’ patterns is tension. If you start fighting with others’ patterns, it means your intensity has dried up. You feel, Now enough, why should I always fight with my patterns? Let me fight with his patterns also. When I am transforming with ten patterns, he is not transforming even with three patterns, let me fight with him!

Everybody knows what is their patterns and what is others’ patterns. But nobody wants to fight with their patterns. Everybody wants to fight with others’ patterns! Why, you have enough enemies inside, why don’t you fight with your patterns? You say – No-no-no-no! He is not fighting with his patterns, so I have to fight with his patterns! J So you fight with his patterns and he fights with your patterns.  Please understand, war means you fighting with others’ patterns, peace means you fighting with your own patterns. That’s all! You fighting with your own patterns is peace. You fighting with others’ patterns is war! Now, wherever conflicts are there, you decide if you want to be in war or peace. Whether you want to make war or peace, it is up to you.


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