There is no one to blame!

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Friday, February 24, 2012


See, there are only four things in the world - your individual self, the society (world), nature, and God, the Whole. If I say that all natural calamities  happens because of God, you don’t have much problem in accepting it, in believing it. Because you don’t know the cause of both, the natural calamity or God. Anything you don’t know, putting it on God is easy for you. But if I say that all the man-made calamities are also because of God, you have lot of difficulty in believing it. See, whatever you think as chaos, either you should understand that it is not chaos, or you should understand God is the reason for this chaos also. Only then you will stop bothering about the outer-world chaos and start paying attention to the inner-world order.

When you take responsibility for all four- your individual self, the human society, nature, and the Whole - you stop blaming anybody. You know clearly, nobody needs to be blamed.  Whoever recognizes others beyond their body-based actions and reactions, they will realize their own self beyond their body-based actions and reactions. When you do not trust the other beyond his actions and reactions, then you will not be able to trust that space in you which is beyond action and reaction. It is give and take. When you give devotion to the other person, you give the same devotion to your own inner self.


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