Don’t be a guru-widow

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Sunday, March 11, 2012

When the master from whom you have taken discipleship is no longer in the body, first thing you need to do is pray to him to guide you to a living master. You will see, beautifully he guides you. Through a dream or vision, some way he guides you. And once the living master happens, the old master disappears. He is constantly available, guiding you through this living master.

Don’t think you are being disloyal to your earlier master. If you don’t catch a living master, only then you are disloyal to a master who is no more in the body! This is one of the biggest problem seekers face. I call it Guru conflict. Ask yourself - when he was in the body, what did your master really want? He wanted you to grow continuously. Your Guru who loves you, do not want you to be stuck as a Guru Widow or Guru widower. Discipleship is for you to grow. So only if you don’t take up living with a living master, you are disloyal to your Guru, to your very discipleship. Don’t create unnecessary conflict or contradiction. When a master is in the body, it is missionary. When he leaves the body, it is machinery. Even if you are going to be an eternal gear, never touched, always lubricated, don’t be part of machine. Even if you are going to be digested, squeezed, ground, be part of a living mission. That is the best way to live.

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