Discovering and celebrating that you are unique is living enlightenment

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As we go through life, various mental setups get created within us. More and more of our personality becomes molded by the people we are with and the situations we encounter. Unfortunately, a lot of this is shaped by the media. Television creates programs in such a way as to draw you into it, and it uses a lot of subtle and not so subtle ways of grabbing your attention. Much of television catches on to your fears and desires to attract you so that you keep watching, and unconsciously, we start to imbibe the very same fears and desires that the show’s writers and producers were trying to create. They were not trying to create these fears and desires in you to improve your life. They are creating these emotions to play with your mind at its basest levels to manipulate and keep your eyes glued to the set. Our judgment gets overruled by the sensationalism and before you know it, you are now playing their game of judging others with their opinions and their quick decisions. Suddenly you find that your temperature is increasing about things that are most likely not even relevant to your life. If you examine yourself deeply, you will notice that your life itself is very unique. Your life itself is much different than the lives and drama you see on the television or in the magazines around you. If you take all of the energy that you spend in watching others and watching the drama of others, and focus and put your awareness on your own mind and life, you will discover the immense uniqueness and beauty of the life that surrounds you now. Once the drama is put aside and your awareness is switched on to the happenings and circumstances that are directly associated with your life, you will find that your true abilities and your true intelligence will get a chance to flower. You no longer need the crutch of other’s opinions of you and other’s values to interfere with your own unique way of surviving and prospering in this life. Try this exercise: for 5 minutes, write down all the things that make you unique. It could be as simple as the food you eat, or the skills that you have, or some of the preferences you have. See how you are unique to yourself. In today’s society, too much emphasis is placed on society’s values and we feel that unless we think the way others think, we must be incorrect or wrong. There is nothing wrong with understanding other’s points of view, but we must encourage and celebrate our own uniqueness in our lives because who else are we with all day and all night, 365 days a year besides ourselves? Enjoy and celebrate yourself and your uniqueness and you will always have a smile on your face or in your heart as you march through your day.