Temples are the energy-fields of enlightened beings

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A temple is a place where an intense Cosmic energy is available for everyone to experience. Significantly, all the major Vedic temples built over the centuries have been consecrated by enlightened masters – or rather, the temple has grown around the intense energy field established by an enlightened master for the benefit of humankind. As rich man leaves behind his wealth for the next generation after he leaves the body, enlightened masters they leave behind the huge energy that they bring with them in the form of temples. For instance, the four main Sankara peethams were established by the 8th century master Adi Sankara, the Chidambaram temple by Patanjali, the Palani temple by the siddha Bhogar; the Arunachaleshwara temple by the saint Idaikaadar, Tirupati by Konkanavar and Tanjore by Karuvoorar.

The powerful spiritual vibrations present in these places are so palpable that even the most causal visitor can feels its effects in the form of peace, bliss or clarity. When maintained properly using the subtle powers of mantras, rituals and meditation, temples can hold and radiate this precious energy for thousands of years. Like an inexhaustible battery, these temples continue to discharge spiritual energy to seekers, proving an unbroken connection between masters and their people.