PRECOGNITION is a common experience for most of us. Let us say for example that we feel that some one, a particular person, is about to call us. Sure enough, when the phone rings, that person will be on line. Suppose we are watching a TV show. We know what the character will say next. Sure enough, that character mouths the words as if to oblige us. Another experience. let us assume that we’re ready for dinner. Precisely then the doorbell chimes. Even before we open the door, we know who is at the door.
ALL around us, we come across people who are running towards God. Or who they think God is! They spend so much time and effort in seeking God in all kinds of places. Often, after they believe they have found Him in one place of worship, they will again begin their search in some other new place. They become professional seekers.
IF OUR heart is not fully engaged in an undertaking, it immediately becomes a chore. Even worship becomes a chore when our heart isn’t in it. When we feel involved, all hard work becomes a joyful worship. When our heart isn’t engaged in a task, we are distracted. Even as we pluck flowers, or prepare offerings for our favorite deity, our thoughts stray on something else, or someone else. We might be thinking about our office work or other events in our life. We fear that we will invite the wrath of God by not praying.
AS WE go through our daily life, we expect better things to come our way. We dream that when that better thing, or person, or event comes along, we will renounce all our old habits and possessions and move on. Some people take this foolishness to great heights. Let us say one is tempted to consume alcoholic drinks. That person may suppress that desire feeling that drinking alcohol is a sin and that it would lead him to hell. He believes that if he stops taking alcohol on earth he will ascend into heaven.
WE ALL live at three levels. At the first level, we live in our head. We live using our intellect and logic. The second level is our heart. When we live with our heart, we use our emotions. In the third level we live at the core of our very being. We live in our identity.
In the whole world there are only two kinds of people. The first kind will try to judge, criticize and develop the things happening in the world according to their ideas. There is the other group which feels that whatever is happening is auspicious. Whoever feels that whatever happens is auspicious, lives in eternal bliss, in celebration. The other group continuously suffers because it tries to change things all the time.
WEST has always focused on facts, while the East has focused on truth. As a consequence the west moved forward in science while the east moved forward in spirituality. When the great sages of the east looked inwards and realized the truth of their existence, they expressed these in the form of scriptures, the sruti and sastra. In order that the common man could understand these spiritual truths, some of these masters wrote the purana, the epics.
IT IS easy to acquire intelligence. If we work continuously using our intellect, it matures into intelligence. There are a number of meditation techniques that can help us sharpen our intellect. The peak of intellect is intelligence.
Our worries have no meaning or purpose. If we allow ourselves to release our grip from worries and relax in the present, then we can begin an intimate spiritual journey. It is not the purpose of our life to indulge in these wasteful worries...
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