Miracles can even happen rationally

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA - Miracles can even happen rationally PRECOGNITION is a common experience for most of us. Let us say for example that we feel that some one, a particular person, is about to call us. Sure enough, when the phone rings, that person will be on line. Suppose we are watching a TV show. We know what the character will say next. Sure enough, that character mouths the words as if to oblige us. Another experience. let us assume that we’re ready for dinner. Precisely then the doorbell chimes. Even before we open the door, we know who is at the door. We expect a friend we haven’t seen for years. Sure enough the friend is at our doorstep. In my discourses, I often ask the audience if they’ve experienced something similar at some point in their life. Over 70% of the audience confirms this experience. When it happens, we ignore it. In fact, most of the times, we brush it aside as a coincidence. When this happens repetitively with a person, we attach the tag ‘gifted.’ We also attach ‘gifted’ label to those who see auras and sense the vibrational energy of people and places. We call these incidents miracles. For experiences to be termed as miracles or as extraordinary, the frequency of the experience should be low and rare. It should be far lower than the 50% probability that one finds in reality. In real life we come across people making many predictions and forecasts. Some can accurately predict disasters time and again, and others give exact forecasts of deaths. Many can heal people, who have been given up by doctors. Some can produce substances out of thin air. We have a single word for all of them. We call them miracles. What we call a miracle instead of a normal happening is based on the degree of unexpectedness of the incident. We do not understand the causal relationship in these incidents. Because science can’t explain these incidents they are simply labelled as miraculous or quite often as trickery. There are no miracles in life. It is just that we don’t yet understand the laws that govern occurrences of such incidents, which seem to defy ‘scientific’ laws. First, we need to accept and understand the universe supports laws that go beyond the ‘scientific’ laws discovered by humans. This basic acceptance will lead us to the next level, to understand the cause and effect linkages behind many of these inexplicable happenings. It is possible. We then can make these miracles happen as a matter of course.