Desire is not crime

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Morning satsang at Bidadi ashram

Wednesday, 07 March 2012

I don’t want you to give up desire! I just want you to give up the contrasting, conflicting and complicated desires. See, morning when you wake up, you want coffee, but by the time coffee comes, you say tea, then brandy, then beer, then nectar! But by night you have not drank anything – neither coffee, nor tea, nor brandy, nor beer. Finally, you are just sitting there. If you ordered coffee and waited, you remembered the passion with which you ordered the coffee, then sipped the coffee and enjoyed it, same way with tea… if you move step by step like this, you will never be waiting for nectar. Because by the time you finish drinking a few times, you will realize that the experience with which you drank the tea will fulfill you.

I am not against desire. I am against you living constantly with desire that has no depth and control on you. I tell you, just live one desire, and you will understand that desire has no depth in your life. It is just skin-deep. Desire is not crime. It is the conflicts and contradictions that you create in your system that is crime. The reasoning fighting with the consciousness, that is the crime. Grow the consciousness, I tell you - you will win the game. The moment you grow your consciousness, you win the game. Everything else follows you.


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